Modern Essentials for the Southern Home

The American south has a rich history of architecture and culture surrounding home and hearth. However, some household staples have received technological upgrades, improving upon their form. What should you be looking to renovate?

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Cargo Lift

Coastal southern homes are usually waterfront or on a bayou, meaning the are probably also on stilts. Especially with the increase in hurricanes, storms and flooding, this is increasingly necessary or required. However, getting groceries or large items up and down into your house can be a huge pain, not to mention moving in or out of it. One way around this is a cargo lift, whose entry and exit is most often located on the porch. They can usually carry up to 1000 pounds and come at a reasonable price. 

Gas Porch Lights

A staple of southern style is a smattering of flickering gas lamps at the front of the home, especially …

Increase Productivity in Your Industrial Business With These Tips

There are a number of challenges that come along with running a successful industrial business. In order for your company to stay ahead of competition, you need to give yourself time to consider what improvements could be made to current operations. There are a number of ways to get started on this endeavor. Consider these suggestions and see how you can make a difference to your own operations.

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Assess Current Practices

Before you can make any lasting improvements, you need to think about current practices. The protocol you have already established around your business might be lacking in some areas. To pinpoint these spots, take time to evaluate the way your business operates. The more insight you gain on the everyday processes, the easier it will be for you to make lasting adjustments. 

Equipment Evaluation

This can also be a fantastic opportunity for you to evaluate the equipment your …

Things to Look for in a Realtor

Palm Springs is a great place to buy and sell a property. If you’re looking for a realtor palm springs, there are many from which to choose. To help you in the process, there are some characteristics that set some realtors apart from others. Here are some questions to ask as you attempt to determine who is the best agent to represent you.

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How Long Have They Been in Business?

There may not be a right answer here. Newer agents may be hungry to build their book of business and work diligently for you. Seasoned realtors have the experience to make you feel secure in their business dealings. Both have pros and cons so it’s simply a matter of figuring out what your preference is and determining what’s best for your needs. 

What’s Their Staff to Client Ratio?

With Palm Springs being one of the best places to live, …