Ditch the Dumpy Exterior and Set Your Personality Free

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Whether you live in a fancy, high-class neighborhood or you are the proud owners of a cozy double-wide, the exterior of your home speaks volumes about who you are. From the color of the front door to the types of flowers planted, and even the layout of your landscaping, these are subtle indicators of the types of people that live inside. Even if you aren’t the most social person on the block, chances are you prefer to have a good first impression going for your reputation. With just a few simple changes, you can alter your home’s exterior and in the process, learn a little bit about your personality.

Neat Freak or Casual Cleaner?

The state of the outside of your house might lead to assumptions about the inside and your own personal habits when it comes to cleaning. If mildew is growing all over your siding or your driveway …

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Modern Essentials for the Southern Home

The American south has a rich history of architecture and culture surrounding home and hearth. However, some household staples have received technological upgrades, improving upon their form. What should you be looking to renovate?

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Cargo Lift

Coastal southern homes are usually waterfront or on a bayou, meaning the are probably also on stilts. Especially with the increase in hurricanes, storms and flooding, this is increasingly necessary or required. However, getting groceries or large items up and down into your house can be a huge pain, not to mention moving in or out of it. One way around this is a cargo lift, whose entry and exit is most often located on the porch. They can usually carry up to 1000 pounds and come at a reasonable price. 

Gas Porch Lights

A staple of southern style is a smattering of flickering gas lamps at the front of the home, especially …

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