Understanding Septic Tanks

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While a majority of US household rely on centralized sewer systems to dispose of their wastewater, a number of homes, businesses, and communities have septic systems. Essentially, a septic system is similar to public sewers, but on a much smaller scale, and are responsible for treating wastewater from individual homes and businesses. Just like any other major appliance or system, septic tanks require regular upkeep and maintenance in order to ensure proper functionality.

Maintaining Your Septic Tank

Tank owners will need to seek out septic tank maintenance orlando fl or other areas depending on the location of your home and tank. Tanks will need to be pumped and cleaned on a regular basis depending on the number of people living in the home and the average level of water usage throughout the year. When a tank is pumped and cleaned, it will also need to be inspected to ensure there …

Simple Upkeep Tasks for the New Homeowner

As you go about your busy day-to-day routine, you probably have a running to do list of chores to keep your home interior clean, safe and beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s all too common that busy homeowners forget to extend this same care and attention to their house’s exterior. These simple seasonal tasks will help you stay on top of your home’s exterior upkeep to prevent longterm issues. 

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Inspect Gutters and Siding Twice a Year 

It’s no one’s favorite chore, but breaking out a ladder and cleaning your gutters each fall and spring will prevent any clogs and other seemingly small issues that can lead to larger problems down the road. This twice-yearly task is also a great opportunity to conduct a quick inspection for any cracks or leaks in your house’s siding. If you do notice any problems or things you have concerns about, it’s best to reach out to a …