GDPR One Year Later

Supporting The Public

During the initial year of GDPR, people have begun to truly realise the potential that their personal data holds. There is increased awareness of the law, especially the data rights that individuals have, and a higher awareness of the role that the regulator plays when rights are not respected.

In July 2018, research was conducted that found that one in three (34%) individuals have high confidence and trust in organisations and companies that store and use their personal information. This is a significant increase from the 21% who said this in 2017. DPOs were surveyed by the ICO in March, with 64% stating that they either strongly agreed or agreed with the statement that they had seen an increase in service users and customers who since 25 May 2018 had exercised their information rights.

Note: Those figures have been rounded to the nearest whole number. The

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Preparing for an Interview Video: Tips, Tricks and Advice

When it comes to being in front of the camera, there are many times when a scripted, dramatised video format is the best method for reaching your audience. Other times, talking-head interviews are a better choice of video format to get your message across. Most talking-head style video interviews utilise the well-known ‘prompted interview’ technique for production.

Using that technique generally results in a video that effectively conveys a message and captures real-life social interactions. Since humans are social animals by nature, capturing the immediacy between the people on the screen and the viewers is a great way to ensure the best results.

Preparing for a Prompted Interview Video

So, you’ve been asked to take part in an onscreen prompted interview, and you are now getting worried about how to prepare for the event. Stop worrying! The video production Surrey team will know exactly what they’re doing and be on …

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Why it’s Important to use Rotary Hoe for Crusting and Weeds

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Rotary hoe when it was first introduced in the world of farming it created a new wave of havoc. nobody didn’t consider using it because of the complex user manual alongside its cost. Rotary hoeing Auckland offers the best kind of tools and is very versatile in nature. They are able to take many of the tasks that the normal hoe was unable to take up. This is why many of the farmers are switching from the traditional methods to it. They have numerous advantages to their pockets. For instance, they enhance crop elevation and emergence by a significant amount. Moreover, they can also be credited to having less soil compaction, in cases when it rains heavily. This article will make you aware of all the significant reasons to convince you about the use of Rotary Hoe for Crusting and Weeds purposes.

Controlling Weeds

Nothing can be as great to …

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