Lighting Tips To Brighten Your Budget

Utility prices are in the spotlight as rates rise and homeowners foot the bill. Energy prices now exceed $110 a month for the average American, and as a result, cost-conscious consumers are considering ways to cut energy consumption. Some have turned to creative lighting solutions to illuminate a path to savings. If you find yourself glaring the next time you look at your electric bill, here are three ideas designed to brighten your home without lightening your wallet.

Get the LED Out

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs will be a fixture in the future, but they are already in widespread use today. Although consumers can expect to pay more initially for LEDs, the long-term savings are significant. With an energy consumption of just 25 percent that of its incandescent cousins and a lifespan 25 times longer, LEDs – especially those boasting the ENERGY STAR rating – will lower your lighting costs …

Maintenance for Home Exteriors

When a first-time home buyer looks into a property, they often only consider what needs to be updated and upgraded for the interior. There are also plenty of places where routine maintenance can be a benefit on the exterior of the home. Here are some of the places where you should look for opportunities to update and add value to a property.

The Roof

The roof of a home is one of the most important parts of the exterior structure. It is what keeps all of the elements away from your living spaces and can protect you from all types of natural occurrences. Making sure that there are no roof leaks or significant damage is important to protect the home, but also to protect the value of your property. Unseen damage from small leaks can cause big problems later on, leading to costs for repair that any homeowner would want …


HandymanWe understand how your continually growing to-do checklist can go away you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Rather than using your whole beneficial free time making an attempt to knock the items off your record, give Schloegel Property Solutions a name to reap the benefits of our professional handyman companies.

Jim’s Building Maintenance is also in a position to build or restore brick, concrete fences and so on, garden sheds, pergolas and carports as well as providing a scheduled upkeep service to maintain your property or business in the best possible situation. Jim’s Building Maintenance may renovate or refit your bathroom and even redesign the residing space in your house to make it better suit your lifestyle. Our handyman providers embrace the set up of safety options like anti-slip floors and handrails, and we can also care for all your glazing needs together with mirrors.

Handyman companies are priced primarily based …