Fire Safety and Double Glazing: Making an Escape

In the past, the breakability of windows was an all too common problem. Window panes could shatter or crack so easily that glass-cutters were kept very busy repairing them. Today, the opposite is true, and it is so hard to break modern panes that window companies are seldom called out to replace them.

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Why are modern windows so hard to break?

Double-glazed windows are so impact resistant that it takes a concerted effort to break them. This is due firstly to the fact that toughened glass panels are used to resist break-in or accidental damage; secondly, the structure of double-glazed panels is very resilient – there are two panels to get through rather than one, and the layer of gas that fills the void between them acts as a very effective shock absorber.

What do I need to do in an emergency?

What about situations in which it …